Versa-Bands 3 Piece Variety Pack: 1-1, 1-7 1-10 Inch

Some of its real world practical applications include: Stretch across your flat screen monitor, laptop, Notebook or Tab to secure business cards, todo lists, Short Cut/Hot-Key reminders and other items you need for quick, at a glance reference. The 10 inch band will stretch over 48 inches. A much better solution than sticky pads that fall off and leave sticky gunk on the surface.


Versa-Band is made to last 10+ years and is a handy item to have in the car to secure documents and items to your sun visor or pillows to the back of a head rest. Musicians find it a handy solution to keep the cases for their guitar and instruments secured and safe. It makes a great non-slip grip for big, insulated coffee drink mugs. It even helps to keep opened bags of food, such as chips, candy, nuts or even pet food, closed tight so the food stays fresher longer and doesn’t make a mess.


Price: $9.95
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